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This CCTV Audio Microphone contains a very sensitive microphone and pre-amp in a compact size. Ideal for building in to other equipment / existing cameras or stand alone. Want to be able to hear clear audio sounds from your CCTV system? Have you been watching your CCTV without audio? Are you fed up with low volume / muffled sounds from the audio you got with your camera? Are you getting a horrible buzzing noise? Cannot hear nothing but noisy vehicles passing by? Do you have to turn the volume up full to hear anything at all?

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Please Note

If you do intend to use your own cable and power supply please make sure you use high quality screened AUDIO cable (not video/cat5 e.t.c). That the power supply is a 12 volt regulated type suitable for audio and it must be seperate from the camera or DVR otherwise interference is very likely. Do not make the mistake that many others have done and try to save money using cheap alternatives that do not work properly. Then having to buy again and worst of all having to re-install the cable. Seriously take this advice on board before buying this or any other CCTV microphone. Get it right first time, save time and money and just buy the complete set with your required cable length and power supply.


This microphone module is unbelievably sensitive, it is so loud and clear it picks up conversations 15 meters away. It is so loud you will need to turn the volume down GUARANTEED!!!! It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is steel body and very durable.
I manufacture these microphones myself and great care is taken to make sure they are the best possible. I have over 10 years experience and a great deal of knowledge in this area so any confusion or queries do not hesitate to ask me anything about this item or any other similar product.

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